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I Used to Believe Planning was R&D for City-Building


Frequent readers here may have seen me write about my experience growing up in 1970s Detroit. I’ve often said that seeking ways to improve the city and not abandon it, is what propelled me into a career in urban planning.  read more »

The Coming War of Civilizations


Media coverage of world events focuses on one crisis at a time, as if each was a separate phenomenon. But Ukraine, the Israel-Hamas war, the assaults on shipping in the Red Sea, China’s threats on Tawain, the closing of the Red Sea  read more »

November Driving 1.2% More Than in 2019


Americans drove 1.2 percent more miles in November of 2023 than in the same month in 2019, according to data released by the Federal Highway Administration yesterday.  read more »


RFK Jr.’s Popularity Shows that Americans Aren’t Despairing (yet)


Amid the muck created by America’s two inadequate presidential frontrunners, green shoots are rising. They may not grow to maturity this year, but the basis for the emergence of better political choices already exists and is showing surprising life.  read more »


The California Whimper


As the glint of the Golden State - rub worn by misdirection, doubt, and fear - fades just another little bit each day  read more »

Transportation Policy and the Ukrainians


The dominant philosophy that guides North American land use and transportation policy is advocacy of car ownership. The logic is simple. If you have a car you have automatic access to a wide variety of geographic employment options at any time of the day or night regardless of weather.  read more »

CounterPunch's Strange Claims Regarding Nuclear Power


There's likely no energy source that faces more criticism, hatred and counter-propaganda than nuclear power.  read more »

Transit Carried 74.9% of 2019 Riders in November


America’s transit systems carried nearly 75 percent as many riders in November 2023 as the same month in 2019, according to data released on Friday by the Federal Transit Administration.  read more »

Bone Chilling


Chris Keefer, the Toronto-based physician and founder of Canadians for Nuclear Energy, calls the electric grid a “civilizational life support system.”  read more »


How to Shrink a Fortune


For generations, millions have come to California to make their fortunes, relying on the state’s own seemingly limitless fortune of natural resources, favorable climate, and economic opportunity.  read more »