Forget the Crackerjacks: $2,500 to See Yankees at New Stadium

Baseball and football, America's great everyman sport, won't be that way much longer for fans in the Big Apple. Glittering new stadiums for the Yankees, Mets and one which the Jets and Giants will share aren't exactly meant for the "dollar dogs" crowd.

The Giants have said they will charge from $1,000 to $20,000 a seat for their personal seat licenses; once fans buy the seat licenses, they will still have to pay from $85 to $700 a ticket... Tickets for the best seats at the 85-year-old Yankee Stadium, which sold for $1,000 a seat this season, will jump at the new ballpark to $2,500; in other areas of the stadium, they will range from $135 to $500 for season tickets.

Never mind the fact that the $3.7 billion being spent on the three new stadiums means that New York's pressing infrastructure needs - particularly in wastewater -will be parried away for a while (Center for an Urban Future has a piece on all of New York's infrastructure needs).

There's also a wonderful segment about increasing ticket sales on "HBO Real Sports" this week. Bryant Gumbel interviews long-time New York sports fans refusing to go along with the ticket increases out of "self-respect."