African Deep Tech Centres


While much of the news reporting from Africa relates to conflict and corruption, there is also significant potential for economic and technological progress in the region. Demography is a main driver of human progress, and the Africa population is growing  read more »


From a Settler Colony That Needs to Embrace a United Future


Like Americans, Australians, New Zealanders and the British, Canadians are being schooled to believe that their country is essentially a “settler” colony, whose very existence largely echoes the racist European past.  read more »


Is Bicycling Improving?


One of my many beefs with government planning advocates is that they tend to judge success by measuring inputs rather than outputs.  read more »

What If Chicago Had Been Awarded the 2016 Olympics? Part I


Five years ago, just prior to the announcement by the IOC of who would host the 2016 Olympics, Chicago's bid was assumed to be in a commanding lead.  read more »


Good-Bye and Good Riddance to Chevron


The harsh response of left-wing commentators to last week’s Supreme Court reversal of the Chevron decision reveals more about the Left than about the courts.  read more »

The Democrats' Civil War Has Begun


Let the great Democratic civil war begin. The impending demise of Joe Biden and the patched-together coalition he represents is threatening to accelerate the very intra-party conflicts his presidency was meant to assuage.  read more »


Home Ownership by Type of Residential Building


The latest American Community Survey data (2022) indicates that higher density condo living is strongly correlated with lower rates of home ownership than among detached or attached houses. The table below provides US data as well as data for the 56 major metropolitan areas by residential building density.

National Home Ownership by Type of Residential Building: Overall, 65.2% of US households owned their own homes  read more »

Biden's California Successors Can't Be Trusted


Two Californians, Governor Gavin Newsom and Vice President Kamala Harris, are widely seen as the most likely successors to doddering President Joe Biden.  read more »


Mid-Day Traffic Now Worse Than AM Rush Hour


Morning and afternoon rush-hour traffic has returned to pre-pandemic levels in many U.S. urban areas, according to INRIX’s 2023 Global Traffic Scorecard.<--break--> However, what INRIX finds most “astonishing” is that mid-day traffic has grown by an average of 23 percent and is now much greater than during the morning rush hour, and almost as great at around noon as the afternoon rush hour.  read more »