Large Majority of Minorities Live in Suburbs

Figure 1 below shows the share of the major minorities living in either the urban core or the suburbs of the 51 metropolitan areas  read more »

Feudal Future: Addressing the Housing Affordability Crisis & Protecting the Middle Class Dream

Unlock the mystery behind why securing a roof over your head has become an arduous quest in today’s Western civilization.  read more »

Shift of Net Domestic Migration to Smaller MSAs and Outside CBSAs

From the early 2010s to 2022, net domestic migration in the United States has evolved strongly toward less populated areas.  read more »

Reports from Urban Reform Institute, Center for Opportunity Urbanism

Archive of reports by the Center for Opportunity Urbanism and the Urban Reform Institute.  read more »

Feudal Future Podcast: The Political Paradox of Marriage Decline

Are you aware that the decline in marriage rates could be silently and profoundly shaping our society?  read more »

Feudal Future Podcast: The Future of Latinos in Politics

On this episode of The Feudal Future, hosts Joel Kotkin and Marshall Toplansky are joined by political demographer, Ruy Teixeira, and author and principal, Soledad Ursua  read more »

South Korea Sets Another Low Total Fertility Rate Record

Statistics Korea has announced that the nation had a Total Fertility Rate (TFR) of 0.78, which is a new record low  read more »

The Moral Grandstanding Behind San Francisco's Reparations Plan

San Francisco, long a bastion of extremist progressivism, is currently outdoing itself.  read more »

India Passed China in Population Last Year: Data

It has long been expected that China’s population would soon begin declining and India would become the world’s most populated nation.  read more »

The Future of Cities - AEI Event

On October 18, AEI’s Ryan Streeter discussed the changing global urban demographics with a panel of contributors to the forthcoming volume The Future of Cities (AEI, 2023).  read more »