Largest San Francisco Shopping Center Sheds Value, Tenants

A San Francisco Chronicle article (“S.F.’s biggest mall lost nearly $1 billion in property value after retail exodus”) indicates that the San Francisco Centre, the city’s largest shopping center, has been appraised at a value of $290 million, down from $1.2 billion in 2016. The Centre now has a vacancy rate of about 50%, having seen recent store closings such as Nordstrom’s (a 35 year tenant).

Wendell Cox is principal of Demographia, an international public policy firm located in the St. Louis metropolitan area. He is a founding senior fellow at the Urban Reform Institute, Houston, a Senior Fellow with the Frontier Centre for Public Policy in Winnipeg and a member of the Advisory Board of the Center for Demographics and Policy at Chapman University in Orange, California. He has served as a visiting professor at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers in Paris. His principal interests are economics, poverty alleviation, demographics, urban policy and transport. He is co-author of the annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey and author of Demographia World Urban Areas.