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The Demographic Dilemma: How Urban Planning is Deepening Australia’s Social Divide


For over two decades, urban planning’s preoccupation with urban form above all else, has diminished its ability to resolve the growing social and economic divide occurring across the nation.  read more »

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The Green Road to Tyranny


In all the hysteria about the threat to democracy connected to the bombast of Donald Trump, an arguably greater long-term threat is mounting, though all but ignored  read more »

Envisioning Rust Belt Success


My Defining Rust Belt Urbanism piece three weeks ago, in which I discuss the themes of what would drive Midwest urban rebirth, prompted a great question.  read more »

How California Became a Warning to the Wordl


For generations, California has led the world in creating cutting-edge ideas and opportunities for newcomers.  read more »

Thinking in Public


My newsletter happy hour here in Indiana is from 6p-8p in Carmel. The event is sold out, but if you are interested in going please email me and I can probably add you to the list.  read more »


Are Progressives to Blame for the Worsening Housing Crisis?


In recent years, housing has emerged as arguably the key driver of class divisions in the Western world. For decades, working- and middle-class people could dream reasonably about buying a house  read more »

Vaclav Smil Calls Bullshit on Net Zero


In a 2019 interview, Vaclav Smil described himself as “just an old-fashioned scientist describing the world and the lay of the land as it is.  read more »

Libertarians Can Stay Relevant by Defending the Middle Class


In the era of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, libertarian ideas about de-regulation and personal liberty were ascendant. Even if they had little direct power, the free market ideologues had access to the highest levels of government and business.  read more »


Millions Move Away from Density in Just Three Years


Between 2020 and 2023 (annual population estimates, as of July 1), more than 3.2 million US residents moved from counties with higher urban population densities (number of urban residents divided by urban square miles), to counties with lower urban densities.  read more »