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A Golden State Realignment?


Elon Musk has just announced that he will move the headquarters of both SpaceX and X from California to Texas, citing Governor Gavin Newsom’s signing of a new law banning parental notification by school districts of children’s gender identification changes.  read more »

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How to Remain the Innovation Nation


The United States’ preeminence in science and technology has long played an underappreciated but vital role in ensuring U.S. economic and geopolitical leadership.  read more »

Americans Accelerate Move Away from Density


For more than 75 years America has been dispersing away from dense urban cores, with nearly all population growth in neighborhoods with a suburban form  read more »

What If Chicago Had Been Awarded the 2016 Olympics? Part 2


Read Part 1

When I asked the “what if” question about Chicago being awarded the 2016 Olympics, it was just prior to the event itself. I noted some possible outcomes of a Chicago Olympics, but eight years beyond that today offers even greater perspective.  read more »

African Deep Tech Centres


While much of the news reporting from Africa relates to conflict and corruption, there is also significant potential for economic and technological progress in the region. Demography is a main driver of human progress, and the Africa population is growing  read more »


Truths From a 'Settler Colony' That Needs to Embrace a United Future


Like Americans, Australians, New Zealanders and the British, Canadians are being schooled to believe that their country is essentially a “settler” colony, whose very existence largely echoes the racist European past.  read more »


Is Bicycling Improving?


One of my many beefs with government planning advocates is that they tend to judge success by measuring inputs rather than outputs.  read more »

What If Chicago Had Been Awarded the 2016 Olympics? Part I


Five years ago, just prior to the announcement by the IOC of who would host the 2016 Olympics, Chicago's bid was assumed to be in a commanding lead.  read more »