Young, Educated and Living in Indianapolis

Here's an article from the Indianapolis Business Journal that discusses how the city attracts young, educated married couples but not singles.

Never known for edgy culture, "Cities such as San Francisco, Seattle and Denver trounce Indianapolis on attracting young singles." However, it's the shorter commutes and housing affordability that separate Indiana's metropolis from the crowd. “I’ve got a house and a yard and a 10-minute commute. Try that in Chicago. You can’t,” says one recent Indy transplant.

A good article to see how young people change when they get married and how their preferences on place change as well.

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Another essay on New Geography showing how the lifestyle desires of People With Kids are different from those of People Without Kids. They vote differently, and they go to different church groups, and live in different communities, and rarely cross paths. I look for signs that this is changing. It's never been characteristic of the inner city, for example.

Indianapolis on attracting young singles

Second to only Washington, DC for the number of monuments inside its city limits, Indianapolis has many attractions to offer out-of-town visitors or adventurous locals. Find out about The Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Hall of Fame Museum,marriage counselors, Indianapolis Zoo and White River Gardens, Broad Ripple Village and more.