Feudal Future Podcast — Solutions to Anti-Semitism

On today’s episode of Feudal Future hosts Joel Kotkin and Marshall Toplansky are joined by Susan Seely, chair of Women in Leadership, and Edward Hayman, editor of Tablet, and Rabbi Eliezrie, who serves on the Board of Governors of the Jewish Agency, Chabad’s National Liason to Jewish Federations of North America.

He (Rabbi Eliezrie) is involved in Chabad national affairs as a member of the Internet Commission of Lubavitch World Headquarters, the Advisory Committee of the Jewish Learning Institute, the Coordinating Committee of the National Jewish Retreat and the International Conference of Shluchim.

[ 3:28] Perception of Anti-Semitism in Israel and America

[ 6:22] Is it getting worse for Jews in America?

[14:15] What should the community be doing?

[29:44] Addressing anti-semites

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