California Voters Give Newsom Approval to Continue Regressive Policies Against the Working Class


The working class have spoken, with their votes, that they support Governor Newsom’s bloated, sleepy, and sloppy bureaucracy that caters to the upper class:

  • Those that can afford electricity and fuels at any cost,
  • Those that tolerate the growing homeless population as they don't live near those encampments,
  • Those that can afford exorbitant housing costs, and
  • Those that use subsidies to acquire their EV's that they only drive about 5,000 miles per year.

The working class are not yet enduring enough financial pain from Newsom’s regressive policies toward the Hispanic and African American that are 45 percent of the 40 million Californians population.

The one-party state of California successfully played their aces with advertisement support from President Biden, Vice President Harris, Former President Obama, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and AOC as the Democratic party could not afford to ““lose”” the largest state in America.

All ads were focused only on 2 fears: the fear of a Republican taking over a Democratic state, and the fear of unmasking during COVID. Newsom totally avoided conversations about renewable electricity costs from breezes and sunshine that are crushing the working poor.

With President Biden and Governor Newsom believing “WE” can stop climate change from getting worse, a 3rd grader can easily calculate that California’s population of 40 million is only 0.5 percent of the 8 billion on this planet. Even a 3rd grader can see that 8,000,000,000 is larger than 40,000,000. Reducing emissions in the “smaller” countries at exorbitant costs that only the wealthy can afford, will have negligible impact on world emission totals.

At least 80 percent of humanity, or more than 6 billion in this world are living on less than $10 a day, and they cannot subsidize themselves out of a paper bag.

Global emissions will be exploding in the coming years and decades ahead over the population and economic growth of China, India, Indonesia, Japan, and Vietnam that plan to build more than 600 coal power units and African countries that are planning to build more than 1,250 new coal and gas-fired power plants by 2030.

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Ron Stein is an engineer who, drawing upon 25 years of project management and business development experience, launched PTS Advance in 1995. He is an author, engineer, and energy expert who writes frequently on issues of energy and economics.