South Africa's Coal Question


With coal almost any feat is possible or easy; without it we are thrown back into the laborious poverty of early times.” (The Coal Question William Stanley Jevons, 1865).

Is this quote still valid, almost 160 years later?  read more »

"Electrify Everything" Slammed Again By Ninth Circuit


The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has cranked up the heat on the “electrify everything” foolishness.  read more »


Biden's War on Fossil Fuels is Hurting America


When Joe Biden assumed office in 2021, the progressive press hoped, as the LA Times crowed, that he would “turn America into California again”.  read more »

Juice: Power, Politics & The Grid - Video Series


After finishing our first documentary in 2019, I told myself I was done making films. The process of making documentaries takes too long, costs too much, and involves too much friction, particularly when it comes to distribution.  read more »


Globalists are Using Green Energy to Destroy Our Way of Life


In 10 years before the proverbial 2035 date when many mandated transitions to “green electricity” occur to reduce or eliminate the usage of fossil fuels  read more »

Elites Want to Ban Gasoline Cars, Gas Stoves


Urban elites are far more likely than other Americans to oppose gasoline powered cars, SUVs of all types, and gas stoves, according to a survey released last week by the Committee to Unleash Prosperity.  read more »

Climate Child Labor – Who Cares?


The ruling class, powerful elite, and the media lack some energy literacy which may be the reasons they avoid conversations about the ugly side of “green” mandates and subsidies.  read more »

The Electric Grid Explained In 10 Charts


The late German philosopher Martin Heidegger was keen on the “thingness of things.”  read more »


CounterPunch's Strange Claims Regarding Nuclear Power


There's likely no energy source that faces more criticism, hatred and counter-propaganda than nuclear power.  read more »

Bone Chilling


Chris Keefer, the Toronto-based physician and founder of Canadians for Nuclear Energy, calls the electric grid a “civilizational life support system.”  read more »