Newsom is Like Biden


California Governor Newsom is pondering a run at the Presidency. To reduce emissions at any cost, both he and President Biden are oblivious to the fact that breezes and sunshine can only generate electricity.

Both are unaware of the reality that the products manufactured from fossil fuels were the primary reasons the world populated from one to eight billion in less than 200 years. The major unintended consequence of divesting in crude oil is that efforts to cease the use of crude oil could be the greatest threat to civilization, not climate change. Today, wind turbines and solar panels cannot manufacture anything for society.

California Governor Newsom and President Biden are so focused on emission reductions, they have lost touch with the negative impact on the world’s population without fossil fuels, and the shortages and inflation inflicted upon all.

Today, in less than 200 years, the world has more than 6,000 products that are made with oil derivatives manufactured from crude oil, as well as numerous infrastructures and a space program that did not exist a few centuries ago.

Both are deaf to the reality that wind turbines, solar panels, and EV vehicles are all made from oil derivatives manufactured from the same crude oil that they want to rid the world of.

Despite the reality of all the good fossil fuels have done for humanity, both wish to rid the world of fossil fuels and return to the decarbonized society that existed a few hundred years ago.

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Ron Stein is an engineer who, drawing upon 25 years of project management and business development experience, launched PTS Advance in 1995. He is an author, engineer, and energy expert who writes frequently on issues of energy and economics.

Photo: Courtesy CFACT.