New Census Data on Cities

US Census released the latest population data on cities this week. Looking at the top 15 largest US cities, only Sunbelt cities of Phoenix, San Antonio, Houston, and Jacksonville are ahead of the national rate since 2000. Interestingly, the cities of San Francisco and San Jose are making a recent comeback after losses early this decade, although San Francisco is still trailing its year 2000 mark.

Tory Gattis explains the situation in Houston, where the population of the city has exploded since 2005.

The fastest growing larger city overall since 2000 is Raleigh, followed by a pile of places in warm climates, two in the Denver metro, along with plains cities of Omaha and Oklahoma City.

Many California cities fill out the smaller cities list, along with two from the Chicago metro and Olathe and Sioux Falls on the plains.


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