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New Geography opens with a discussion of Chicago, including a piece by prolific blogger and long-time Chicago observer Steve Bartin.

Urban scholar Fred Siegel writes:

In his eye opening piece on Chicago's troubles, Steve Bartin rightly points to Chicago’s head tax on employment as a job killer. The closest analog is another long declining city Philadelphia which is burdened by a wage tax that has pushed numerous businesses just across the city line. But while taxes are still rising in Chicago, Philly’s new reform Mayor Michael Nutter has moved to gradually reduce the wage tax.
The one serious omission in the piece is the impact of crime. Chicago, which has 54 shooting over two weekends in April and has begun talking about arming its police with assault weapons to combat it’s gangs, has a homicide rate 3 times higher than New York and nearly 70 percent higher than L.A.

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