Feudal Future Podcast — GateWay 2nd Chance: Why We Need Education & Life Skills for At-Risk Youth

Hosts Marshall Toplansky and Joel Kotkin welcome you to today’s episode of ​Feudal Future​!

On today’s episode, you will be introduced to Clarence Carter, also known as Nink. Nink Carter graduated with a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Harvard. He grew up in inner-city Brooklyn and attended undergrad at Michigan State University where he also received his graduate degree. During his corporate career, Nink worked at Xerox, General Motors, Lear-Siegler, and Square D Corporations. Afterwards, he became the principal of a non-public K-12 school. He and his wife, Dr. Donna Carter founded ​GateWay Second Chance Foundation​ and ​GateWay Boarding Academy​. Marshall shares that these organizations “are designed to minimize the risk of academically and behaviorally-deficient adolescent boys becoming ensnared in our inadequate criminal justice system, which is obviously marred by racism and classism…”

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