Go to Oklahoma, Young Man

One of the great migrations of Americans was from Dust Bowl Oklahoma to California during the Great Depression. People came from all over the parched plains to California; South Dakotans, Nebraskans, Oklahomans and others. But only one group had a name. No one called them Dakoties, nor Nebies, but they did call them “Okies.” Their legacy was spread by John Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath. Indeed, so many came to California that it enacted an “anti-Okie” law, which was duly set aside by the United States Supreme Court (Edwards v. the People of California).

How things change. A Sacramento Bee article reports on the migration of Californians to, of all places Oklahoma and nearby states. For decades, Oklahoma has been the ultimate of “flyover country,” one of the last places people on the coast would think of moving to. Yet, as I pointed out in 2005, Oklahoma has become more competitive, at least partially because its advantages in housing costs and hassle free commuting. Moreover, it’s more than Californians. Seattle, which lost home-grown Boeing to Chicago some years ago, lost its NBA “Supersonics” to Oklahoma City last year. Having spent most of my life on the coast, I never would have imagined that Oklahoma City would become competitive with California and Seattle. But it has.

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wow this is interesting

I must say that this is very interesting. I didnt know how competitive Oklahoma can be. maybe I should take a trip up there. but from NY to Oklahoma will be quite a long distance to travel. yet,it would be lovely to visit California one day. I believe if housing costs aren't that bad in Oklahoma then I don't understand why they are not more people thinking on Moving there.


Good read indeed. I did not know that. I hope this never happen again so people can live at their home town. A lot of people are moving to DC right now because of getting better jobs and movers in dc is good alternative for all of them.

Thanks for keeping us

Thanks for keeping us updated, I doubt that many people are familiar with these facts but it's great the information in available. I wouldn't mind getting some long distance movers to take me to Oklahoma at this point, I could use a more friendly financial environment at this point.