How Demographics Explain the World

Demographics may not be destiny, but they do play a huge role in driving the fortunes of society and the economy. Sami Karam of Populyst joined me for a podcast on demographic trends around the world. The conversation ranged from the rise of China to the fall of Japan – and even why Occupy Wall Street failed to achieve lift-off.

Topics include:

  • 0:00 Introduction and overview of Sami Karam’s work
  • 2:20 Why Occupy Wall Street didn’t take off
  • 3:15 Demographics on the problems of the Japanese economy
  • 3:50 What does demographics tell us about the rise of China?
  • 7:49 What is the demographic future of Africa?
  • 12:45 How will declining European and booming African population interact?
  • 17:30 An overview of the Populyst Index
  • 21:32 Is the demographic dividend a Faustian bargain?

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