Truths From a 'Settler Colony' That Needs to Embrace a United Future


Like Americans, Australians, New Zealanders and the British, Canadians are being schooled to believe that their country is essentially a “settler” colony, whose very existence largely echoes the racist European past.  read more »


Agressive Canadian Progressivism is Descending the Country into Crazy


Like most Americans, I always tended to believe Canada was our more sensible, if less intense, neighbour. It was a country that respected liberal traditions  read more »


The Wealth Gap Survey


How much of a difference does your upbringing make to your life? It’s a question that’s been debated for ages and, in a world with a greater focus on equity, the wealth gap within society is under the microscope.  read more »

'Decolonized' Universities Dividing Canadians


For generations, education has been a primary means to make countries like Canada and the United States stronger, more productive, and self-confident. Now the education system is not only failing to perform its primary mission for young people, but increasingly works to undermine and divide nations.  read more »

Trudeau has Weakened Canada — and by Extension, the Entire Free World


At a time when the western world desperately needs some backbone, Canada seems to be swaying. It appears to have moved away from its long-term commitment to protect our now wobbling western civilization.  read more »


Trudeau's Green Jihad Holding Canada Back


Coming from a country that may soon choose to be led by either a cognitively challenged second-rate codger or a vengeful lunatic, one would like to look north, to Canada, for some inspiration.  read more »

Comparing Canadian and U.S. Metropolitan Areas


Canada and the United States are among a minority of national governments that formally designate metropolitan areas. Metropolitan areas are labor and housing markets which include a core urban area (built up or developed area) as well as rural territory  read more »

Remote and Hybrid Work Continues Appeal in the US and Canada


Despite the continuing pressure from employers for employees to work on-site, working from home continues at a strong pace. Just released data from WFH Research indicates that 41.3% of US workers worked at home at least part of the time between March and June 2023.  read more »

Solving the Global Housing Crisis


The global housing crisis across the high-income world, particularly in the Anglosphere, represents perhaps the single biggest challenge to the future of the middle class.  read more »

Danielle Smith's Pro-Growth Rebellion is a Sign of Things to Come


Canada, even more than the United States, stands at the edge of a great historic opportunity. As worldwide demand for raw materials  read more »