NGVideo: East St. Louis (Part III)

Part III in the video series on East St. Louis explores ideas put forward for (re)development of the city, including cultural tourism based on the city's African American heritage and use of vacant land for farming to create a local food source for the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Part II gives views of downtown today, shows how its history can be seen in the city, and explains why the city could still be a good place for new development.

Part I discusses the origins and development of East St. Louis as an industrial city.

Michael R. Allen is an architectural historian currently serving as director of the Preservation Research Office, a technical assistance and preservation consulting firm. Allen also serves on the boards of the St. Louis Building Arts Foundation and Preservation Action.

Alex Lotz is a graduate of the Film Production program of Chapman University's Dodge College of Film and Media Arts.

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Bulldoze the political corruption and the ideals of the video begin to make sense. It's a lot easier to grow and distribute food from an old stockyard than to purge the vile cronyism that has been rampant there for decades.
Good luck.
This applies at the national level as well with Pelosi, Reid etal.

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Have any of you been to East St. Louis?

I suspect not. Had you been there, or even just traveled on mass transit over the city you would be breathlessly horrified.

What East St. Louis needs is not a plan. It needs a bulldozer.