San Francisco Considers the Country's First Ban on Pet Sales

Bay Area businesses beware, San Francisco is once again considering banning a common city commodity. This time it is not environmentalists, but city lawmakers who are howling for change. If San Francisco’s Commission of Animal Control and Welfare approves the proposed ordinance, it will be illegal to sell any pets in the city except for fish.

Commission Chairwoman Sally Stephens, who seems to be the voice of pet sale opposition, claims that people buy small pets without thinking and end up giving them to shelters where they are euthanized. Those looking for an animal companion would have to buy one from a different city, adopt one from a shelter, or buy one through the classifieds. While this does make it that much harder to buy a pet on impulse, San Francisco residents would still be giving up their pets to shelters in the city. It also seems that many of the animals you would buy on impulse – guinea pigs, birds, and mice – do not typically go to shelters when they become difficult to manage or forgotten.

Pet store owners around San Francisco are making a fuss as their major attractions are being threatened. Dogs can sell for a few hundred dollars or more at pet stores, and losing this income source would surely strike a blow to pet businesses. The Board of Supervisors has the final say, but pet lovers and owners around the city are piping up.

As such a compact city, San Francisco seems to want to clear out any waste they set their sights on. Yesterday it was plastic bags, today it is animals. Who knows what San Francisco lawmakers will target next?

Hat tip: Newsalert

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It’s a good step. I appreciate this. Many people have pets for business purpose. So they do several illegal works with them. Pets also have emotion like human being. All pet owners should take proper care of their pets. Health also matter to keep a pet active. Those people who have pets for sales purpose they don’t give their attention towards these points.

Nanny state

Prime example of the nanny state, or in this case nanny city. Another reason to end full time,"professional" politicians at this level of government, they have too much time to come up with this nonsense. They seem to be smoking pot instead of filling potholes. City government of any kind has no business "regulating" this type of thing.

They seem to be smoking pot

They seem to be smoking pot instead of filling potholes. City government of any kind has no business "regulating" this type of thing. serial to usb adapter