Not All Retail is Tanking in this Recession

A reader forwarded along this video of a bustling recent weekend at La Gran Plaza, a shopping center serving the Latino market in Fort Worth, TX. Just a few years ago, La Gran Plaza was a failing conventional shopping center before developers purchased it and completely redesigned and repurposed the mall to cater to Latinos. Partly because it serves a more insular, cash based clientele and largely because of brilliant design and programming choices, this mall seems to be thriving during a very tough period for retailers.

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Laden with Meaning

Texas has a proportion of Hispanics, as well as Mexican visitors, who continue to shop with cash. They come to malls such as Gran Plaza and others, and this is their preferred scene.

It is a sign of the times that this video is worth posting and forwarding. The scene, up until perhaps 6 months ago, would be banal to the point of meaningless. Today however it is laden with meaning.

Richard Reep
Poolside Studios
Winter Park, FL