Feudal Future Podcast — Democratic Prospects & The Plural Generation with Morley Winograd

On today's episode of Feudal Future hosts Joel Kotkin and Marshall Toplansky are joined by guest Morley Winograd. Morley is a Senior Fellow at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School’s Center on Communication Leadership and Policy, author, and fellow at democratic think tank NDN. Morley also served as the chairman of the Michigan Democratic Party, and Senior Policy Advisor to Vice President Al Gore.

Their conversation begins with Joel asking Morley what battles democratic leadership may face should Joe Biden win the 2020 election. Morley quips that should democrats win the upcoming election, they will go into the White House with a very broad coalition, and thus spend a lot of time fighting amongst themselves. Michigan has had an interesting and diverse electorate over the years, and Morley spends some time explaining the layout, and how President Trump took a foothold in some regions.

What we’re witnessing with this election, Marshall explains, is the handover to the next generation of leaders in our house and senate. He asks Morley what that change will look like. Morley stresses that millennials are concerned that nothing in government is working anymore. They’re distrustful of markets and companies, and don’t look to the federal government, but rather you’ll find them working on local change. They’re the heart of grassroots movements across the country, and in this election, no one will be able to say they don’t vote as they are lining up in droves to cast their ballots. Once the votes are cast, should Joe Biden win, Marshall asks Morley what happens to the far-right wing of the Republican Party. Morley believes that the uglier elements of Trumpism will go back into the shadows, but it will not go away.

As the episode ends, they discuss the upcoming generation, Gen Z, or as Morley calls them, plurals, and why he thinks they are the great hope for America.

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