The Similarities Between ESG and Fascism Are Scary


As Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) divesting in fossil fuels progresses, by many of the masters of the financial universe, the short memories of petrochemicals’ golden goose contributions to societies are leading the world to an era of Extreme Shortages Guaranteed (ESG) like we had in the decarbonized world in the 1800’s!

Allowing banks and investment giants like BlackRock, led by CEO Larry Fink to collude to reshape economies and energy infrastructure is a very dangerous precedent. Their movement that promotes the idea of a forcibly monolithic, regimented nation under the control of the investment community is scarily beginning to resemble the fascism that dominated the media in the past.  The American people never voted to give banks this sort of control over our country.

The notion is incomprehensible that unelected and unaccountable functionaries—such as Larry Fink of Blackrock, World Economic Forum executive chairman Klaus Schwab, Federal Reserve Bank Governor Lael Brainard, or SEC Chairman Gary Gensler—can legitimately substitute their progressive beliefs and fixations for the will of the American people that businesses should provide compliance to their ESG guidelines (regardless of the costs), and that the general population should stand aside and accept whatever its betters say is necessary.

Depriving citizens of the more than 6,000 products that were non-existent before 1900, made from the oil derivatives manufactured from crude oil, is immoral and evil as extreme shortages will result in billions of fatalities from diseases, malnutrition, and weather-related deaths.

Virtually all the components of wind turbines, solar panels, and all forms of transportation are assembled with products made from oil derivatives manufactured from crude oil. Ridding the world of crude oil would eliminate most forms of transportation and electricity generation from wind and solar.

The domino effects of tinkering with the supply chain of crude oil, is supply shortages and soaring prices for not only electricity, but for the thousands of products that support the entire medical industry, all branches of the military, airports, electronics, communications, merchant ships, container ships, and cruise liners, as well as asphalt for roads, and fertilizers to help feed the world.

Why is this type of ESG environmental crusade so destructive? Why has it gone from great intentions to utter destruction? They are now the worst form of environmental nihilism morphed into ideological fervor the world has not witnessed since the rise of National Socialism in Germany in the early 1930s. Adolf Hitler appeared on the cover of Time Magazine on multiple occasions, and most famously, on January 2, 1939, when Time Magazine named Adolph Hitler their Man of the Year. The mainstream media endorsed National Socialism, and it is now promoting globally destructive green transition on all seven continents.

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Ron Stein is an engineer who, drawing upon 25 years of project management and business development experience, launched PTS Advance in 1995. He is an author, engineer, and energy expert who writes frequently on issues of energy and economics.

Photo credit: courtesy Eurasian Review