April 2024 Transit Ridership 74.6% of 2019


Transit systems carried less than 75 percent as many riders in April 2024 as in the same month before the pandemic  read more »



On Sunday, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg appeared on CBS’s “Face The Nation” to promote the Biden administration’s electric vehicle mandates  read more »

Transit $60 Million in the Hole? Build a Monorail!


In case anyone believes that transit advocates haven’t completely lost their grip on reality, take a look at Memphis. The new CEO of the Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA) has “discovered” a $60 million deficit in the agency’s budget that “prior leadership was unaware of.”  read more »

March Driving 101.4% of 2019


Americans drove almost 1.5 percent more miles in March of 2024 than in the March before the pandemic  read more »


Tesla In Turmoil: The EV Meltdown In 10 Charts


In 2014, Tony Seba, an author and lecturer in “entrepreneurship, disruption, and clean energy” at Stanford University, declared, “By 2025, gasoline engine cars will be unable to compete with electric vehicles.”  read more »

Planners Push Transit, But It's a Hard Sell in Western Cities


Over the six decades that transit subsidies have been virtually universal, governments and media have urged people to give up driving and switch to transit.  read more »

Hydrogen or Synthetic Fossil Fuels?


Every few years within the energy sector, a new 'entrepreneur' emerges with a supposedly 'revolutionary' idea that often turns out to be nothing more than a repackaging of an old concept that failed to gain traction.  read more »

Is It Safe to Ride Transit?


Less than half of New York City residents feel safe riding the subway today, down from 82 percent before the pandemic.  read more »

Europe More "Auto-Dependent" Than U.S.


Before the pandemic, Europeans relied on automobiles for 70 percent of their travel, compared with 77 percent for U.S. residents. But after the pandemic, in 2021, the European share of passenger travel that used automobiles climbed to 80 percent, while the U.S. share increased only to 78 percent  read more »

Transit Carries 74% of 2019 Riders in January


Driving and flying have been hovering around 100 percent of pre-pandemic levels for the last year and Amtrak has been around 100 percent for the last six months, but transit is still stuck at just below 75 percent  read more »