Measuring Opportunity across America: A good idea but it’s all about the details


Where you grow up in America powerfully influences your prospects in life.  read more »

Numbers Don't Lie


During his 16-year career in the NBA, Rasheed Wallace was among basketball’s most intimidating power forwards. He was also among the most volatile.  read more »


Let's Give Frats Another Look


Fraternal life on college campuses occupies a particular mystique in American culture and is usually not particularly positive. Popular culture depicts frat life in distinct images; John Belushi’s Animal House and Old School, among many others, show young men who appear to do everything but take their studies seriously. There are far too many instances of hazing, cases of sexual assault and harassment, and overall elitism within fraternities which have soured public perception of fraternities.  read more »


The Failure of Dating Apps


It’s common knowledge that the relationship between young men and women has been heading the wrong direction. Marriage rates are falling, the sexes are becoming politically polarized, there are movements among both men and women to swear off relationships.  read more »


The Election: An Old Picture Changes


For much of modern American history, the support enjoyed by the two main political parties has hewed to a particular ethnic pattern.  read more »

As the US follows Germany’s green deal, YOU should anticipate uncontrollable electricity prices


Germany was the first country to go “green.” Today, Germany now has some of the world’s highest electricity prices, and the number of Germany’s corporate insolvencies in March 2024 reached the highest level on record  read more »

The Space Race Gets Serious


We are shifting from the early era of space exploration to a more serious phase extending ever further from Earth’s orbit, focused on key opportunities such as mining and manufacturing as well as military purposes.  read more »

The Metro Framing Urbanists Didn't Know They Needed


If you’ve ever taken any interest in how cities grow and evolve, I’m sure you’ve noticed this before.

Urbanists want data. We want data that helps us understand how the places we love and live in got to be what they are. We want to know what makes them tick, what’s replicable.  read more »


The Road to Neo-Feudalism


For middle- and working-class people across the developed world, home ownership has served as a primary driver of upward mobility. But in a growing number of places, this aspiration is being systematically undermined  read more »

April 2024 Transit Ridership 74.6% of 2019


Transit systems carried less than 75 percent as many riders in April 2024 as in the same month before the pandemic  read more »