Universities And Urban Transformation


I’ve always been intrigued by the role of universities in the growth and development of cities. It’s well known that universities can have an outsized role on smaller towns and cities  read more »

Republicans are Posing a Growing Threat in Blue States


Calm down, Democrats, Donald Trump will not, as some zealous Maga types fantasise, take New York this election. Nor will he win over New Jersey, although the race may be closer there.  read more »



On Sunday, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg appeared on CBS’s “Face The Nation” to promote the Biden administration’s electric vehicle mandates  read more »

Why Johnny Can't Build


We were once a nation of builders—from the toll roads and canals of the early nineteenth century and the railroads of the second half of that busy century, to the construction of power, energy, and water systems that were the envy of the world.  read more »

Demographia International Housing Affordability – 2024 Edition Released


Demographia International Housing Affordability assesses housing affordability in 94 major markets across eight nations (Australia, Canada, China, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom and the, United States).  read more »

Europe is Not a Museum of Past Success


Is Europe a museum of old success? The question is topical, as Europe's population will peak in two years and is then expected to decline for the rest of the century. During the roughly three decades that have passed, Europe has also fallen behind North America economically. However, Europe is not yet a museum of old success  read more »


Progressive Biden is a Threat to His Own Party


At a time when the Republican Party seems united around Donald Trump and his MAGA vision, the ruling Democrats seem about to tear themselves into pieces.  read more »


Transit $60 Million in the Hole? Build a Monorail!


In case anyone believes that transit advocates haven’t completely lost their grip on reality, take a look at Memphis. The new CEO of the Memphis Area Transit Authority (MATA) has “discovered” a $60 million deficit in the agency’s budget that “prior leadership was unaware of.”  read more »

Faith and the City


The streets of the South Bronx testify to the decay that has afflicted parts of modern American cities.  read more »


South Africa's (lack of) Progress in Numbers


On May 29th, 2024, South Africa will have its 6th democratic election, commemorating 30 years since the end of Apartheid.  read more »