Nvidia’s Boom is Not a Straightforward American Success Story

In what has been a bleak year for Silicon Valley, the sudden surge in the value of tech company Nvidia  read more »

Make Housing Affordable by Abolishing Growth Boundaries, not Ending Density Restrictions: Reason Magazine Debate

In too many metropolitan areas, housing is no longer affordable for middle-class households, especially in  read more »

Downside of Calgary Downtown Residential Conversions?

The Calgary Herald reports that some office tenants are being forced out of their buildings in the city of Calgary  read more »

Gavin Newsom Meets Reality with California’s Budget Deficit

Gavin Newsom, the would–be president many Democrats hope might be an alternative to the current dodderer–in–chief, has landed himself in hot water.  read more »

Event: The Future of Cities, New York City

Humanity’s future is an urban future, yet that future is in jeopardy as many cities suffer from bad decisions and policies. Please join us as this panel discusses their recent release  read more »

On Race and Ethnicity

John F. Early’s excellent discussion in Saturday’s Opinion section on the statistical establishment’s struggles with defining and describing race is a question we all need to address seriously.  read more »


Chicago is One Kind of Town

The geographical resorting of America continues apace–the separation of peoples based broadly on ideology.  read more »

We Are On the Cusp of a Democrat Class War

The recent sparring between Starbucks’s longtime CEO Howard Schultz and Senator Bernie Sanders reflects a conflict within the Democratic Party  read more »

US Sets Crude Oil Exports set Record in 2022

According to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), the United States exported a record 3.6 million barrels  read more »

Toronto Transit Service Cuts Criticized in University Report

Just implemented service adjustments will reduce Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) services to nine percent below pre-pandemic levels  read more »