Why Latino Success Matters

“Unfortunately, Latinos do worse than their Latino counterparts in other states. It’s largely due to a failing public educational system  read more »

Feudal Future Podcast Empowering California's Future: The Latino Workforce and Socio-Economic

Unlock the transformative potential of California’s future as we uncover the influential role of the Latino population  read more »

Feudal Future Podcast: Is There Anyone Left?

On this episode of Feudal Future, hosts Joel Kotkin and Marshall Toplansky are joined by author Dr. Nicholas Eberstadt to understand the labor shortage and crisis of men exiting the labor pool.  read more »

Feudal Future Podcast: The Reshoring Revolution — Is This the Future of America?

On this episode of Feudal Future hosts Joel Kotkin and Marshall Toplansky are joined by JR Turner, managing director of the Americas, Michelle Comerford, project director and industrial supply chain practice leader, and Harry Moser, founder and president of The Reshoring Initiative. The panel takes a deep dive into reshoring.  read more »

Talent Attraction Scorecard

The folks at EMSI, a labor market analytics firm, have issued their latest Talent Attraction Scorecard. They look at, among other things, the places that are gaining the most skilled workers. Obviously their ranking heavily correlate with population growth. What I found most interesting is their specific look at smaller counties and even “micro-counties” with a population of less than 5,000. Plenty of names you might not know but are worth checking out.  read more »

1099 Economy on the Rise

Here at ZenPayroll, we care a lot about how compensation is done, and the effect compensation can have on the relationship between employers and employees.  read more »


Striking a Balance

As noted by Wendell Cox, commuting and congestion have a large economic cost. Time spent behind the wheel, slowed by traffic, is time that could otherwise be put to more productive economic pursuits. Commuting and congestion also have social costs. Every minute lost trapped in snarled traffic is time that might have been spent with family, friends, relaxing, or getting involved in community building activities.  read more »

Forgetting Middle Skill Jobs

A new report from Skills2Compete attempts to address a national problem which continues to diminish our country’s competitive edge in the global economy. The loss of middle-skill jobs and the lack of qualified workers to fill the remaining jobs are major barriers, not only to our economic recovery, but also to our ability to sustain a high quality of life for succeeding generations.  read more »

More Machinists, Fewer Poets?

Politicians from both parties, while on the campaign trail, often argue that they will work to make a college education accessible and affordable to all Americans. Very rarely will one hear calls for "better quality" of education at our colleges and universities, with such debates seemingly being restricted to our K-12 educational system.  read more »