Downtown San Francisco is Beyond Redemption


The recent announcement that Ian Jacobs, a scion of the famous Toronto-based Reichmann real estate clan, was coming to buy upwards of $900 million of San Francisco real estate, has offered the beleaguered California city a rare moment of hope.  read more »

The Remote Work Revolution


Although remote work was increasing modestly before the pandemic, we are now enmeshed into what can be fully considered a “remote work revolution.  read more »

The Dangerous Gender Gap on Collegiate Campuses Today


Politically, men and women are growing farther apart and data is regularly confirming this story. Gen Z men have become more conservative over time, while Gen Z women have become more liberal.  read more »

'Decolonized' Universities Dividing Canadians


For generations, education has been a primary means to make countries like Canada and the United States stronger, more productive, and self-confident. Now the education system is not only failing to perform its primary mission for young people, but increasingly works to undermine and divide nations.  read more »

What's Happening in Oregon and Vermont?


A few weeks ago, I noted that there appeared to be correlation between government efforts to get more people into multifamily housing and low fertility rates.  read more »

Beauty Is Not Just in the Eye of the Beholder


Physical beauty is a big part of what we find attractive in the opposite sex. The degree to which beauty determines how attracted we are does differ  read more »


Climate Child Labor – Who Cares?


The ruling class, powerful elite, and the media lack some energy literacy which may be the reasons they avoid conversations about the ugly side of “green” mandates and subsidies.  read more »

The California Whimper


As the glint of the Golden State - rub worn by misdirection, doubt, and fear - fades just another little bit each day  read more »

The Cost of Opportunity Cost Blindness to Riders and Taxpayers


New research by Yadi Wang and David Levinson at the University of Sydney (Australia) casts considerable doubt on the outcomes of major transit projects in the United States  read more »

Illinois: Skilled Moving In, Unskilled Moving Out — At a New Loss


Too often, people interpret population numbers at face value and make a determination of a place’s success or failure based on absolute numbers.  read more »