Electric Cars Will Decide the Outcome of the American Election


If Joe Biden loses to Donald Trump this November, he can apportion blame towards his administration’s many unforced errors  read more »


NYC Must Stop Destroying Its Institutions


Due to budget concerns, New York City Mayor Eric Adams proposed cuts to the New York City public library budgets, forcing the majority of public libraries to cut their hours and open only five days a week.  read more »

The Coming Revolt Against Woke Capitalism


The greatest threat to Western civilisation comes not from China, Russia or Islamists, but from the very people who rank among its greatest beneficiaries.  read more »


The Democratic Party is Now Indisputably Woke


The passing this last week of Joe Lieberman, a long-time Connecticut Senator and former vice-presidential candidate, stands as reminder of how far the Democrats have moved  read more »


Biden's Climate Plan is a Threat to Democracy


For a policy that requires sacrifice, at least for the masses, the climate agenda lacks one critical element: public support.  read more »

2024 Will Be the Latino Election


The key voting bloc in American politics is not the black or Evangelical vote – it’s the Latinos. Now by far the largest racial minority in the nation, Latinos are also the great contested electoral territory.  read more »

Here's What Conservative Institutional Capture Looks Like


One of the principles I keep highlighting between left and right is asymmetry.

The left and right have different values, operate in different ways, and are in different positions in society.  read more »


America's Energy Scam a Deliberate Exploitation of Humanity


America is aggressively pursuing “green” electricity and actively phasing out crude oil to reduce emissions generated in America by deliberately increasing worldwide exploitations of humanity, environmental degradation, and increased emissions.  read more »

Golden Land


In a way unimaginable in Europe, or even the eastern United States, the Golden State has long been, as one nineteenth century Gentile observer put it, “the Jews’ earthly paradise.”  read more »

The Difficulty of Bursting Bubbles


I have been teaching at the collegiate level for almost two decades. One of the biggest challenges I now face compared to years ago is social media’s toxic influence on students. The rampant misinformation on many platforms has warped students’ understanding of history and has caused lasting damage.  read more »