High Speed Rail in Springfield: "The Whole City Would Look Like Crap"

Not every local official is smitten with the romance of high-speed rail. Graphic evidence of this was provided by Springfield, Illinois mayor Tim Davlin, who expressed his concern that the proposed rail overpasses would slice the city in half. Davlin told the State Journal Register that the “Whole city would look like crap.” This is a problem faced not only by historic Springfield, the state’s capital and location of many Abraham Lincoln sites. Citizens and cities on the San Francisco peninsula are concerned that a proposed “Berlin Wall” will divide their communities if construction of an elevated high speed rail wall proceeds through their communities.

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Slightly misleading...

I think this post is a little misleading. You make it sound like Mayor Davlin is against high speed rail. Rather, the article from the State Journal Register that you link to emphasizes, "Davlin and other leaders have emphasized they support high-speed rail in Springfield." The Mayor just wants the State to consider the 10th St. corridor instead.

Only one thought comes to mind

when rail and Springfield are used in the same sentence.


Dave Barnes