How About a Betty Ford Bottled Water Rehab Clinic in San Francisco?

From late-night refrigerator raids to splurging on a new wardrobe, everyone is prone to the occasional overindulgence. For San Francisco Mayor, Gavin Newsom, that overindulgence meant nothing more than a plastic water bottle.

In June 2007, the mayor “issued an executive order directing city government to no longer purchase bottled water,” to cut down on waste in the city landfill and to utilize the pristine Sierra Nevada reservoir’s resources.

Last year, Newsom also called on restaurants to stop selling bottled water to customers and has generally declined bottled water at most events.

In something better suited to cushy celebrity gossip rags, an empty case of Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water was discovered in the mayor’s trunk of his car.

While a spokesman for the mayor has assured the public that the water was for the mayor’s security detail, the Newsom camp also issued a statement that would be better suited for rehab-bound celebrity.

“The mayor will be the first to admit that he occasionally indulges in bottled water,” said his spokesperson. “It’s not something he’s proud of.”

During these bleak economic times, the public’s hyper-vigilant scrutiny of politicians seems zeroed in on busting them on seemingly inevitable examples of hypocrisy.

Needless to say, Newsom will think twice before purchasing bottled water again.

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federal sales tax on bottled water

I think the federal government should have a 5 percent sales tax on bottled water.

Sometimes, I drink bottled water.

I discuss several federal sales taxes and decreasing taxation of savings and investments on


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