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The Kitchens of Distinction


I was a scholarship student in the UK thirty odd years ago and there was a semi-well known band at the time called The Kitchens of Distinction. I have no memory of what their music even sounded like, but the name stayed with me.  read more »

Detroit's Riverwalk, and Waterfront Revivals


One of the positive things that many cities worldwide have done over the last half century is to transition the relics of their industrial era – the port facilities, the warehouses, railyards and more  read more »

Joe Biden Should Listen to Republicans on the Border Crisis


Perhaps no issue has damaged the Biden presidency more than the massive incursions of undocumented migrants across the border.  read more »

Why Can't We Have a Populism That Builds?


Nayib Bukele, president of El Salvador, became a media sensation after releasing videos showing him transporting gang members he’d arrested to a new prison.  read more »


Is Gen Z Turning Against Western Civilization?


The younger generations seem increasingly crazed. A worrying proportion of the young sympathises with those who launch terror attacks against Israel, supports the immediate elimination of fossil fuels or demands the wiping out of gender distinctions.  read more »

Cop Out


On Thursday morning, I spoke to the Nebraska Rural Electric Association in Kearney. Before my speech, I chatted with my friend, Chet McWhorter, the general manager of the Cuming County Public Power District.  read more »

Letting Go of Nostalgia Urbanism


Everyone has a natural habitat. For some people it’s a big house in the suburbs. For others it’s a cabin in the woods. Some people thrive in a high rise tower in the central business district.  read more »

Will Reducing Parking Save the Planet?


As stated previously, I can’t take climate change seriously as long as people keep putting forward their wacko ideas  read more »

The West is Turning Away from COP28's Green Agenda


The UN’s COP28 climate conference has always been more political than scientific. But now more than ever, the green agenda looks to be in jeopardy.  read more »

When City Streets Really Are War Zones


In 2020, U.S. cities experienced a 30% increase in homicides relative to 2019, with firearms becoming the leading cause of death for children, adolescents and young adults  read more »