Progressive Urbanism


Software Engineering major, but my background is design. The people who have most influenced my thinking on the big issues are David Brooks, Robert Samuelson, Aaron Renn, Stephen Dubner, Geoffrey Canada, Dennis Prager, Charles Krauthammer, Joel Kotkin, the contributors to New Geography, & Robert Kagan. I primarily follow City Journal, Urbanophile, Freakonomics Podcast, & New Geography for politics, & occasionally the WSJ & RCP.

I love following the Evolving Urban Form, and would love to see more conservatives embrace urbanism. I would love to see more conservatives put forth a world-class urban "vision" for America that includes a balance between density & sprawl (smart sprawl), transit options, more roadway, increased civic investments while improving both quality of life and a competitive environment for businesses, and address many of the issues that new urbanism covers.


Urban Studies, Fashion Design, Retail, Architecture, Music, Car Design, Religion & Ethics, Politics, Sustainability, Food Culture, Marketing, Community, Skyscrappers, Mixed-Use Facilities, and many other things.

Peoples Republic Of Portland