Unacceptable Views


“Canada will always be there to defend the right to peaceful protest” – Justin Trudeau, in a reference to protests in India…

Asked why he supported some protests, but was determined to crush the trucker convoy, Justin Trudeau answered without hesitation: He supported – and even participated in – protests he agreed with. But he did not support – and vowed to crush – those with “unacceptable views”. Then he proceeded to take a wrecking ball to Canada’s banking system, and whatever is left of our individual civil liberties.

We are now seeing how far his NDP-backed Liberal government is prepared to go to economically execute dissenters – those with “unacceptable views”. A convoy organizer was jailed, and led into court in shackles. Bank accounts have been frozen, businesses have been destroyed, and many working Canadians will find it impossible to earn a living in their own country.

So, unless Canadians don’t want to find themselves the subject of frozen bank accounts, have their property seized and auctioned off, or otherwise destroyed for having “unacceptable views” perhaps we should take the time to find out what views are “acceptable” and which views – the “unacceptable” ones – will allow the Trudeau Liberals (with its NDP ally – “the champion of the working man”) to financially assassinate you.

Trudeau, and Chrystia Freeland gave some hints about what made the views of the working truckers so unacceptable, that first the Emergencies Act, and then every dirty trick in the book must be used to ruin them. They referred to both the economic damage, and the disruption to the daily life of Ottawa residents that the truckers were causing.

And there is no doubt that both the economic damage and the disruption were real.

But both of those things had happened many times before as a result of legitimate protests, and the federal government had never taken Trudeau’s draconian steps before.

The Wet’suwet’en protests and railway blockade in February 2020, for example, had caused more economic damage and severe disruption for many thousands of Canadians, but the federal government had not “gone nuclear” like they did with the truckers. In fact, Trudeau was quite sympathetic.

And the BLM riots in the spring and summer of 2020 were far worse than that. Across North America they resulted in the deaths of between 35 and 38 people, and caused billions of dollars worth of damage. They also lasted months, and caused disruption that dwarfed that caused by the truckers in Ottawa.

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Brian Giesbrecht is a senior fellow at the Frontier Centre for Public Policy in Winnipeg. He was a Provincial Court Judge in Manitoba from 1976 to 2007. During that time he served as Acting Chief Judge, and Associate Chief Judge.

Photo: William F. Hertha, under CC 4.0 License.