Urban Issues

HSR: An Idea Whose Time Has Gone


The Mineta Institute — named after a San Jose congressman who was Secretary of Transportation in 2001 through 2006 — has a new report claiming that high-speed rail will produce huge economic and environmental benefits.  read more »

Top Zip Codes for New Apartments: 2018 - 2022


Rentcafe.com has just published a list of the 51 ZIP Codes in the United States that have had the most apartment construction over the last five years (2018-2022).  read more »

A Polycentric Plan for Portland


Portland’s TriMet transit agency is attempting to serve a 2020s urban area with a 1910 transit system, says a new report published by the Cascade Policy Institute.  read more »

"New" Cities? An Old Idea


As a kid I used to draw imaginary cities all the time. I was inspired by a trip to Disney World when I was 11 years old and I saw the Magic Kingdom’s Main Street USA and EPCOT. Without even knowing the truth I realized they were designed environments, meant to evoke certain feelings from visitors.  read more »

A Polycentric Plan for St. Louis


St. Louis has more miles of light rail than any other Midwestern urban area, yet fewer people rode St. Louis transit in 2019 than in 1991, before the region opened its first mile of light rail.  read more »

MAGA Attacks on Cities Are Not Working


We’re 13 months away from the 2024 presidential election, and just 3 months away from the primaries. The dominant themes of the election are forming. The Republicans have let it be known that one theme will be the crime, drugs, homelessness, and the general lawlessness of “Democrat-run” cities is a disqualifying factor for Dems, and a point in their favor.  read more »

Preservation Deed Restrictions Can Save Homes and Bring Higher Prices for Sellers


Many think preservation deed restrictions and easements diminish the value of a property. In many cases in Dallas neighborhoods the opposite is true.  read more »

Residential Building Permits Concentrated in South and Mountain West


Texas and Florida lead the nation in residential building permits in 2023 through July.  read more »

2022 ACS Transportation Data


About 5.0 million Americans relied on transit to get to work in 2022, according to American Community Survey data released by the Census Bureau last week.  read more »

Report: Building the New America


This new report examines the housing trends that are driving today's migration of people and jobs, and suggests a strategy that better fits the aspirations of most Americans. Below is a summary of the report and a link to download the full report:  read more »