Urban Issues

Elites Want to Ban Gasoline Cars, Gas Stoves


Urban elites are far more likely than other Americans to oppose gasoline powered cars, SUVs of all types, and gas stoves, according to a survey released last week by the Committee to Unleash Prosperity.  read more »

I Used to Believe Planning was R&D for City-Building


Frequent readers here may have seen me write about my experience growing up in 1970s Detroit. I’ve often said that seeking ways to improve the city and not abandon it, is what propelled me into a career in urban planning.  read more »

The California Whimper


As the glint of the Golden State - rub worn by misdirection, doubt, and fear - fades just another little bit each day  read more »

Transportation Policy and the Ukrainians


The dominant philosophy that guides North American land use and transportation policy is advocacy of car ownership. The logic is simple. If you have a car you have automatic access to a wide variety of geographic employment options at any time of the day or night regardless of weather.  read more »

Transit Carried 74.9% of 2019 Riders in November


America’s transit systems carried nearly 75 percent as many riders in November 2023 as the same month in 2019, according to data released on Friday by the Federal Transit Administration.  read more »

Illinois: Skilled Moving In, Unskilled Moving Out — At a New Loss


Too often, people interpret population numbers at face value and make a determination of a place’s success or failure based on absolute numbers.  read more »

Pandemic Migration Patterns Continue


A net 338,000 people who resided in California on July 1, 2022 had left the state by July 1, 2023, according to population estimates released by the Census Bureau last week.  read more »

Whatever Works


Sometimes a story takes a number of years to ripen. And sometimes two or three stories merge in unexpected ways. I just had a moment of convergence when new infill development, sub rosa adaptation, and wartime migration all collided.  read more »

Silicon Valley Transit Plan


The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) and its predecessors serving San Jose and Silicon Valley have spent more than $7 billion (in today’s dollars) on rail transit.  read more »

The Future of Cities


“America’s treasured cities,” writes semi-libertarian Jeffrey Tucker, are in “grave danger.” He believes that people are leaving cities to get away from “forced closures and then vaccine mandates and compulsory segregation by vaccine status” due to the pandemic.  read more »