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Gavin Newsom Turned the California Dream into a Woke Nightmare


It takes a kind of malignant genius to destroy California, but the state’s ruling elites are well on their way to assure its decline. If the downward spiral continues, it will stand as a testament to the insane variety of progressive policies that have driven middle and working class people, as well as numerous companies, out of the state.  read more »


What's Happening in Oregon and Vermont?


A few weeks ago, I noted that there appeared to be correlation between government efforts to get more people into multifamily housing and low fertility rates.  read more »

Globalists are Using Green Energy to Destroy Our Way of Life


In 10 years before the proverbial 2035 date when many mandated transitions to “green electricity” occur to reduce or eliminate the usage of fossil fuels  read more »

Are the Chicago White Sox Moving to the South Loop?


Does the Chicago White Sox brass read the Corner Side Yard? Don’t know if they do, but they sure seem to be familiar with my work.  read more »


Beauty Is Not Just in the Eye of the Beholder


Physical beauty is a big part of what we find attractive in the opposite sex. The degree to which beauty determines how attracted we are does differ  read more »


Elites Want to Ban Gasoline Cars, Gas Stoves


Urban elites are far more likely than other Americans to oppose gasoline powered cars, SUVs of all types, and gas stoves, according to a survey released last week by the Committee to Unleash Prosperity.  read more »

California: Where Freedom Goes to Die


California was once a byword for liberty and opportunity. The so-called Golden State was home first to the Gold Rush, then to Hollywood and then to the tech revolution in Silicon Valley.  read more »

Climate Child Labor – Who Cares?


The ruling class, powerful elite, and the media lack some energy literacy which may be the reasons they avoid conversations about the ugly side of “green” mandates and subsidies.  read more »

Trudeau has Weakened Canada — and by Extension, the Entire Free World


At a time when the western world desperately needs some backbone, Canada seems to be swaying. It appears to have moved away from its long-term commitment to protect our now wobbling western civilization.  read more »


The Electric Grid Explained In 10 Charts


The late German philosopher Martin Heidegger was keen on the “thingness of things.”  read more »